LALAL.AI Server Solutions for Business

Enrich your business with the leading AI-powered technology for vocal and instrumental stem splitting. Integrate the music source separation algorithm into your application or website. Provide clients with high-quality isolation of voice and instruments from songs and video files.

How It Works

You are welcome to utilize our infrastructure or use your own servers and AWS instances to deploy the solution. The technology is easily scalable to your needs, no matter how big. See the API documentation for the implementation on third-party servers and our end.

Technical Requirements

Your server
Amazon EC2 Instance
OS + apps Unix + docker + nvidia-docker
CPU 4 cores or more (e.g. Intel Core i5)
Free space 100 GB of free space
Graphics hardware
GPU: NVidia 2Gb+
Instance size g4dn.xlarge
vCPUs 4
Memory 16 GB RAM
Storage 125 GB


Complete privacy and security. Guaranteed exclusive access to all content and separated stems. Full control over the track upload and stem separation.
High scalability. Flexible scaling in accordance with the needs of your business. Easy limit increase for the number of minutes of audio or video tracks allowed for splitting.
Effortless implementation. Smooth deployment of the solution to your environment. AWS instance integration using Amazon Machine Image or server integration via Linux docker container.
Premium support. Dedicated support manager and tech team to optimize the performance and ensure the success of the operation.


Monthly Payment | 3 Months Commitment

This solution is for businesses that require large data volume processing on a regular basis. It’s deployed on one or several servers/AWS instances of your own with a suitable configuration. Alternatively, it can also be integrated into our infrastructure with an advanced level of privacy.


$1 000 Request Minute Limit 10 000


$4 500 Request Minute Limit 50 000


$8 000 Request Minute Limit 100 000

Pay as You Go

One-time Payment | No Commitment or Integration

This solution is for businesses that need to process a specific number of minutes quickly and hassle-free. All processes are running on our servers, you only receive the results.

Pack 1

Minute Limit 1 000

Pack 2

Minute Limit 3 000

Pack 3

Minute Limit 5 000

Got any questions?

We are here to help you expand your business using our next-generation stem splitting technologies. Let’s chat about your goals and guide you through every step of the way.

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