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New Online Audio Service Uses AI to Get Unprecedented Quality

LALAL.AI introduces a new and improved way to extract vocals and instruments from music tracks. The new online service uses a machine-learning algorithm to precisely identify and carefully separate vocal and instrumental tracks.

Artificial Intelligence has previously been used as a solution for the complex task of vocal track isolation, but LALAL.AI is the first service to surpass even Spleeter by Deezer and PhonicMind in accessibility and quality of results.

We've compared all available audio splitting methods and proved that ours is the best. For the sake of objectivity, we have improved some of these methods using our music database — the studio-quality multi-track recordings (the material that sound engineers operate with).

200GB of training data — this number was artificially increased during the training up to a whopping 20TB. 45 million neural network parameters and advanced digital signal processing. All this in order to use the power of AI to improve the lives of millions of people — DJs, producers, vocalists, dancers, karaoke lovers.

We plan to continue experimenting with API integration for audio splitting and other purposes and share new ideas and solutions to help to make the life of millions of people easier.

Don’t just trust our word — see for yourself! Compare the quality of isolated tracks extracted with LALAL.AI and other services.

Examples of split songs:

Lets Call it by LawrenceTrailer


Too Late by Jillianambrose


Any user can also visit LALAL.AI website and test the audio splitting functionality for free. Upload any song, we support all audio formats.

Questions? Ideas? Just contact us at


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