API Access for Businesses and Developers

You can now use LALAL.AI API to facilitate the development and extend the functionality of your service.

API Access for Businesses and Developers

Application program interfaces (APIs) are essential tools for businesses in any industry. They are used as a means to create communication between two or more disparate services. APIs ease integration of backend data that allows for faster, simpler development and at a lower cost.

We are happy to announce that you can now facilitate the development of your digital products using LALAL.AI’s API!

Extend the functionality of your music service, application, widget, or browser extension with the power of LALAL.AI. Let your users upload audio tracks and split them into vocal and instrumental stems — enable your server to send the tracks over to our server via API.

Save your developers countless hours of work, improve the scalability of your project, transfer data seamlessly and cut the development costs — all with our REST API, the most commonly used architectural style for web services.

Get familiar with the list of methods we use here.

In order to use the API, you must have a valid LALAL.AI license. You can purchase it on the LALAL.AI site.

If you need to get extended limits on your license, click the Get in Touch button within the High Volume package. We will create a custom package that suits your needs