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Meet LALAL.AI Voice Changer

Use the power of AI to sing like Drake, Taylor Swift, SZA, and other artists. Select the voice pack and apply it to your recordings.

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Available Voice Packs

Listen to different AI voices perform Derek Clegg's song "Leave Reminders".

  • 21 Savage's photo
    Inspired by 21 Savage
  • Bad Bunny's photo
    Inspired by Bad Bunny
  • Drake's photo
    Inspired by Drake
  • Kanye West's photo
    Inspired by Kanye West
  • Morgan Wallen's photo
    Inspired by Morgan Wallen
  • Peso Pluma's photo
    Inspired by Peso Pluma
  • SZA's photo
    Inspired by SZA
  • Taylor Swift's photo
    Inspired by Taylor Swift
  • The Weeknd's photo
    Inspired by The Weeknd
  • Zach Bryan's photo
    Inspired by Zach Bryan
  • Lady Gaga's photo
    Inspired by Lady Gaga
  • Eminem's photo
    Inspired by Eminem
  • Freddie Mercury's photo
    Inspired by Freddie Mercury
  • Frank Sinatra's photo
    Inspired by Frank Sinatra
  • Louis Armstrong's photo
    Inspired by Louis Armstrong
  • Elvis Presley's photo
    Inspired by Elvis Presley

Why Is It Free?

LALAL.AI Voice Changer is currently in beta, so it’s available completely for free. We would greatly appreciate your feedback and ideas.



What Is LALAL.AI Voice Changer?

LALAL.AI Voice Changer is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to modify the sound of a person's voice. It can change the pitch, tone, timbre and other characteristics of a voice to make it sound like the voice of other singers.

If you ever wanted to know what (Name 1) would sound like singing one of (Name 2)'s songs or what your favorite artist would sound like singing on your track and vice versa, you will have a lot of fun with LALAL.AI Voice Changer. The service is currently in beta and completely free to use, give it a try!

Process and results

Which types of files can I upload?

LALAL.AI Voice Changer supports all types of files, audio and video alike. Feel free to upload your songs, vocal stems, and voice recordings in MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC formats.

I’m not satisfied with the result. What should I do?

The quality of the original track influences the end result a lot. Below are some of the optimal specifications to consider.

  • Clean audio. Your file should be of high quality with minimal background noise or audio artifacts. Clean audio with a good signal-to-noise ratio ensures better results.
  • Sample rate. A higher sample rate, such as 44.1kHz or 48kHz, is recommended as it captures more audio detail and enhances the voice modification accuracy.
  • Bit depth. Choose a higher bit depth, preferably 24 bits, as it allows for a wider dynamic range and better preservation of audio nuances during the modification process.
Can I use it in real time?

No, the service doesn’t support real-time voice-changing technology yet.

Can I create my personal AI voice pack?

Yes, we are open to collaboration on custom voice packs. Please contact us at


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