Best Royalty-Free Sample Websites

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Best Royalty-Free Sample Websites

Sample pack websites offer a lot of benefits for musicians, beatmakers and DJs. First and foremost, they save time and effort by providing pre-made sounds that can be easily integrated into a track. Secondly, they can help with creativity by providing inspiration and new ideas.

Another major advantage is that they are cost effective since samples on such websites are often completely free or can be purchased for only a fraction of the cost (and effort!) of what you would normally spend on clearing copyrighted samples.

The legal aspect is extremely important as using copyrighted samples without permission can result in serious consequences. With royalty-free sample packs, musicians can be sure they are using sounds in their productions that won’t bring no repercussions.

Without further ado, let’s look at the best websites providing royalty-free samples, loops, templates, FX, and MIDI packs in 2023. The sites are listed in no particular order.


Looperman provides a large collection of royalty-free music loops, beats, samples, sounds, acapellas, and vocals for producers, beatmakers, and DJs. It offers a user-friendly and active community where like-minded musicians can connect with each other, upload and download tracks, and share their work. All samples and loops on Looperman are free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects.


Loopmasters has over 4 million sample packs, loops and virtual instruments for music producers, beatmakers and DJs. It covers a range of music genres including hip hop, EDM, techno and more. In order to deliver the highest quality sounds that users can incorporate into their productions, Loopmasters collaborates with top producers and musicians.

The platform also offers several subscription-based services, including Loopcloud, which gives users access to a large library of samples and loops. It features a range of plugins and effects that enable users to create their own sound. Loopcloud connects to a user's DAW automatically and provides them with new search tools to find matching samples.

🟑W.A. Production

W.A. Production is a popular choice among music producers looking for top notch production resources. Their products are considered to be high quality and are used by a great number of top producers and DJs. Among them are a wide range of plugins, MIDI files, sample packs, and sounds in various genres, including EDM, trap, dubstep and even country. Check out their Free Download section to grab a bunch of freebies in all possible forms, from DAW presets to acapella and sound packs.

🟑Production Music Live

Production Music Live is a music production studio that provides a range of services and materials for electronic musicians. It offers music production services including mixing, mastering and custom production. The Free section of the website has a number of royalty-free sound and sample packs covering various genres such as techno, house and ambient music, which are available free of charge.


Freesound is a collaborative database of audio samples, recordings and sound effects created by musicians, producers and sound artists from around the world. It aims to be a huge repository of audio snippets released under Creative Commons licenses, meaning that users can use these sounds for free in their projects, as long as they credit the original creator. The site currently contains over 500,000 sounds and effects, including field recordings, musical instrument samples, foley, vocals, and music loops.


SampleSwap offers a large collection of royalty-free audio samples, loops, and sound effects for music producers and other creatives looking for high-quality (44.1 kHz and 16-bit) audio snippets for their projects. The site is maintained by a community of volunteers who contribute to the collection of free samples. You can explore many sample categories, including drums, percussion, vocals, guitar, bass, and various instruments, covering genres such as hip-hop, rock, electronic, and more. The samples are available for download in WAV format, and users can preview them before saving.


Cymatics is a well-known online sample library with thousands of audio samples, sound effects, and presets for music producers and sound designers. The website provides a mix of free and premium content, with the free samples covering various categories such as drums, vocals, guitar, and synths. Note that you will have to complete the form to receive your license agreement to use the free packs.

In addition, Cymatics offers a community-driven platform where producers can interact with each other and share their insights. The site also has a range of production courses, tutorials, and plugins.


SampleSound is a London-based record label that specializes in producing high-quality sample packs for underground DJs and producers. The label provides lots of samples covering various genres of music, including techno, house, and trap. Have a look at the Free Samples section and download some freebies.

SampleSound is dedicated to supporting underground music culture and aims to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. Besides sample packs, the label offers music production courses, events and conferences.


SoundPacks a comprehensive source for free sample packs, drum kits, loop packs, and preset libraries that are created by music producers. It has an extensive collection of free sound packs that cater to the needs of different creatives. Users are free to browse and download the sound packs that fit their music production needs. The website also has a blog section that offers music production tips and tutorials, which can be useful for beginners and experienced music producers alike.


Although Reddit is not a dedicated site for royalty-free samples and loops, there are some subreddits that feature lots of sounds deliberately uploaded for creatives to use. It's important to note that the quality and legality of the samples and loops on Reddit may vary, and we recommend you to ensure that the sample posters explicitly give you the right to use their materials for commercial purposes.

As for the subreddits, some of the greatest sample sources are r/Drumkits, r/FreeSounds, r/Samples, r/NewLoops, r/SampleHunters and r/SamplesForAll.


Splice is a cloud-based music creation platform that includes a large sample library accessible through a subscription service. It also allows music producers to create their own sounds with a range of plug-ins and effects. Splice is designed for collaboration and remixing, and its Beat Maker allows users to create their own beats using Splice's extensive library. The platform also offers features such as project sharing, version control and real-time collaboration.

🟑ADSR Sounds

ADSR Sounds is a home for a variety of sounds and samples, as well as written and video tutorials and courses to help improve creative productions. The website provides a vast library of sounds and samples in over 50 genres, including EDM, hip hop, pop, garage, chillstep, and house, among others.

Its sample manager tool makes the entire sample library searchable and audible directly in the user's DAW with smart and custom tags. This feature allows users to easily search for and preview any sample in their library.

🟑Producer Spot

ProducerSpot is an online resource for audio loops, samples, e-books and music lessons. The site offers a huge collection of high-quality music loops, drum samples and VST plug-ins created by top music professionals. In addition, ProducerSpot offers a series of educational materials to help users enhance their music production skills. The site is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find the resources you need.

🟑Producer Loops

Producer Loops is a goldmine of premium quality loops and samples for music producers.It's considered one of the largest sample marketplaces in the world, with nearly 20 million individual music samples available for purchase and download. The website covers popular genres such as EDM, pop, hip hop, and R&B but also features niche styles like breakbeat, acid house, tribal house, and many others. On Producer Loops you can find sample packs, sound effects, MIDI files, DAW templates, construction kits, and plugins of all sorts and kinds.

🟑Mode Audio

Mode Audio has a rich collection of high-quality, royalty-free sample packs, drum samples, synth presets, sampler patches, and MIDI files in many genres, including ambient, hip hop, house, and techno, among others. Their samples are created by experienced sound designers and musicians, and Mode Audio prides itself on providing high-quality sounds that are carefully crafted to inspire creativity.

The site also offers unique free sample packs which can be downloaded by signing up for their newsletter. In addition to sample packs, Mode Audio also offers a range of sound libraries and preset packs for popular music production software, such as Ableton Live, Native Instruments Massive, and Xfer Serum.


Ghosthack has a great range of music production tools and resources for music producers and sound designers. The site features a variety of high-quality sound libraries, sample packs, and presets for various music production software, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Logic Pro. The service offers 100% royalty-free sounds and samples that can be used for commercial projects.

🟑Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy is known for its innovative approach to sound design. It's loved by creatives for its vast array of unique sounds and sample packs, including the classic 808 and 909 kits, which Wave Alchemy has synthesized rather than sampled. The service offers a range of award-winning creative music production tools and resources, including Revolution, one of Wave Alchemy's most comprehensive products to date. Revolution builds on Wave Alchemy's acclaimed sample packs and previous Kontakt instruments to provide a large collection of drum sounds and kits.

🟑Hex Loops

Hex Loops is an online store that offers numerous sample packs, drum kits, loops, and sound effects for music producers and beatmakers. The website collaborates with a team of talented producers to create sounds that are both useful and inspiring for music production.

In addition to their paid products, Hex Loops also provides free downloads of drum kits, sound packs, and samples. This includes their Hip Hop Free Drum Sound Kit for creating new beats without having to spend money on expensive equipment or software.


8Dio is another amazing online store with premium virtual instruments and sounds for music producers and composers. Their offerings have been hand-selected by some of the greatest composers and producers, making them a favorite among industry professionals.

Their deep-sampled music products have been used in many notable productions, including blockbuster movies, independent films, video games, TV shows, Broadway productions, and, of course, professional music productions. 8Dio allows using any sounds and samples from their purchased libraries for commercial purposes without paying any additional fees.


r-loops is a sample library created and curated by a group of sound designers with the goal of producing a go-to source for producers and musicians in need of inspiration and integration of high quality sound into their creations. As many other similar services, r-loops covers a great deal of genres, including hip hop, dirty south, R&B, dance, and pop.

Head over to the Genres section to see the full list of available styles and have a look at the Tags page where you can find sample packs, presets and plugins inspired by various music artists. The service gives three free sample packs for each order placed on the site, and all listed samples are 100% royalty free.

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