Get Splitting Results in All Popular Video Formats

LALAL.AI implements the possibility to output separated stems in video formats. Extract the vocal and instrumental tracks in the same format as the original video.

Get Splitting Results in All Popular Video Formats

LALAL.AI’s main goal is to turn music source separation, a complex and tedious task into a fast, convenient, and easy experience (all while serving quality results). One of the ways we reach this goal is by providing the possibility to extract the vocal and instrumental stems in the same format as the original track.

The ‘what you give is what you get’ principle regarding the input and output formats ensures that our users don’t waste time and effort on dealing with additional tools for conversion. Since the video upload implementation, it was only a matter of a short while before we started to support the video output.

Starting now, you can upload a video file to LALAL.AI and download the separated vocal and instrumental tracks in a video format. All popular formats are supported, including MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and many others.

Forget about extracting voice and background music from the video as audio tracks and then having to remux them back into the video. No more laborious editing processes - all you need to make an acapella or instrumental version of your favorite music clips in video formats is to drop the original to LALAL.AI!

The video input and output are premium features available exclusively for the owners of the Lite and Professional LALAL.AI packages. Visit the LALAL.AI site and scroll down to the pricing to see all options and get your premium pack.