How to Make Background Music for YouTube Videos

Learn how to quickly create a background music track for your YouTube videos with the help of LALAL.AI.

How to Make Background Music for YouTube Videos

Choosing the right music can make or break your video. YouTube offers a large library of its own royalty-free music but the number of newly made and uploaded videos is significantly bigger. As a result, it’s hard for creators to find free music for YouTube that hasn’t been overused.

If you want your YouTube channel to stand out, you need to incorporate music that isn’t as easily available and generic-sounding. One of the ways to do this is making background music out of existing lesser-known songs. With the help of LALAL.AI, the nextgen audio stem splitter, you can extract instrumental out of any song and create a backing track for your YouTube videos.

  1. Open LALAL.AI in your browser.
  2. Click Select File.  
  3. Pick a song from your library.
  4. Wait a few seconds until the processing is finished.
  5. Click the play icon (‎▶) within the Instrumental [Preview] section.

If you like what you hear, click Process the Entire Track. LALAL.AI offers free splitting of 3 songs or 10 minutes in total for logged-in users. Log in with your email to claim the free package and download the instrumental track. The download link will also be delivered to your email.

If you would like to change the audio processing intensity, click Restart. Pick a different audio filter under the Select File button, then upload the song again. Once you are happy with the results, download your instrumental and use it as a backing track in an Instagram video.