LALAL.AI for Business: Deploy Our Solution to Your Server or AWS

LALAL.AI introduces B2B solutions. Add the #1 AI-powered stem splitter to your website, online service, or application.

LALAL.AI for Business: Deploy Our Solution to Your Server or AWS

LALAL.AI offers a fast, stable, and reliable vocal/instrumental track separation service with easy integration to your applications and websites. We’ve added a new B2B option that enables businesses to leverage the power of our AI-based stem splitting algorithm for your profit.

Implement and activate our solution in two ways, either on your server or a private AWS instance. Get familiar with all the benefits and pricing options below.


  • Absolute privacy and security. You’ve got exclusive access to all content and separated stems. The only thing we check is the license validity, no other information.
  • Excellent scalability. Our solution has the power to process thousands of minutes of audio and video media every day. Increase the limits and scale the operation to multiple servers.  
  • Effortless integration. Get the service up and running in your private environment. Deploy it via Amazon Machine Image for AWS instance or through an arbitrary Linux docker container.
  • Premium support. One-on-one guidance from your dedicated support manager and tech team will ensure successful operation and performance optimization.


We offer two pricing options, one for regular solution use with monthly payment, the other for a single-use with a one-time payment.

The monthly subscription requires a minimum of 3 months’ commitment. It’s a perfect option for businesses that need to regularly process large amounts of data over long periods of time. The solution is deployed by the client to their own servers or AWS instances with suitable configurations, or on our own infrastructure.

The pay-as-you-go option doesn’t require a time commitment. It’s perfect for those who only need to process a specific number of minutes quickly and avoid the whole deployment hassle. All the stem splitting processes are running on our own service, you can sit back and receive the results.

All prices and requirements are available on the business solutions page.