Isolate 4 New Stems with LALAL.AI Orion: Bass, Piano, Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Orion AI, the ultimate stem-splitting solution, can now extract the sound of bass, piano and two types of guitars. Check out how it works.

Isolate 4 New Stems with LALAL.AI Orion: Bass, Piano, Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Are you an audio enthusiast, professional, or creator looking to extract the sound of individual instruments from your favorite songs? Look no further than Orion AI, LALAL.AI's cutting-edge audio processing solution that now supports the extraction of bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano with unmatched precision.

With its advanced algorithms, Orion AI revolutionizes the way we separate audio elements, providing users with a superior listening experience and endless creative possibilities.

Direct Synthesis Method for Superior Stem Splitting Results

What sets Orion apart from other audio processing solutions, is its innovative use of the direct synthesis method. Unlike traditional separation processes that simply remove or isolate sounds, Orion actively enhances the stems during the splitting process.

It pinpoints mixing mistakes, weird sound artifacts, and other errors and imperfections that degrade the sound quality, eliminating them. This unique approach ensures a more refined and balanced output than LALAL.AI's previous neural networks and many other solutions on the market.

Endless Creative Potential

Imagine being able to separate the piano melody from a classical piece, isolate the bassline from a funk track, or extract the electric guitar riff from a rock anthem. The creative potential is boundless, and the ability to manipulate individual elements within a song provides a playground for artistic experimentation.

For musicians and producers, this breakthrough from LALAL.AI Orion represents a game-changing tool for their creative workflow. By having access to individual stems such as vocal, instrumental, drums, and now also piano, bass, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar, they can enhance their production process, create unique arrangements, and gain deeper insight into the construction of their favorite music.

MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC formats are supported. You can upload files up to 2GB in size. 

How to Extract the New Stems with LALAL.AI Orion

With just a few simple steps, you can isolate the piano, bass, acoustic and electric guitars while preserving all other instruments in the track. Here's how you can effortlessly accomplish both.

1) Open LALAL.AI in your browser or use the desktop or mobile apps.

2) Click the Stems section to open the list of all available options.

3) Select the Bass, Piano, Electric guitar or Acoustic guitar option from the list. This will instruct the AI-powered system to focus on extracting and isolating the selected component from your chosen audio or video file.

4) Next, click the Select Files button to upload your desired audio or video file. LALAL.AI supports a wide range of popular formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC.

5) Once your file is uploaded, you'll have the option to preview the separated stems. LALAL.AI will provide two previews – one containing only the track with the instrument of choice and another with the rest of the music. This allows you to gauge the effectiveness of the isolation process.

6) If you're satisfied with the results, simply click the Process the Entire File button to initiate the stem extraction. However, if you feel that adjustments are needed, you can either upload a different version of your track or try another file.

7) Once the processing is complete, you can download the separated stems by clicking the download icon (⤓) located next to each stem. The download links will also be sent to your email for easy access.

What's Next: Expanding the Possibilities of Stem Separation

Currently, Orion supports the extraction of 7 stems: vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano and two guitars. LALAL.AI has plans to expand the list of Orion-supported stems to include even more elements, such as synthesizer, wind and string instruments. As with previous neural networks, LALAL.AI aims to improve your experience with audio processing and make your work easier. Expect more very soon!

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