Referral Program | Earn Free LALAL.AI Credits

Invite friends to LALAL.AI and get extra minute credits for each referral. Use the credits to split audio and video files for free.

Referral Program | Earn Free LALAL.AI Credits

We are happy to announce the launch of the LALAL.AI referral program!

All LALAL.AI users can become our referral partners and get rewards for inviting others🎁

It doesn’t matter whether you are a premium or free user – we welcome each of you to enter the program, share the love for LALAL.AI with your friends, and get free minutes for yourself and your referrals.

Sounds good?🎶 Follow the steps below to join.

  1. Sign in to your LALAL.AI account.
  2. Hover the cursor over your Profile.
  3. Copy the referral link.
  4. Share the link with others.

For every user that created a LALAL.AI account, you will be rewarded with 5 free minutes that you can spend on splitting songs and videos into stems.

Each invited user receives 10 extra minutes upon registration.

The number of users that joined LALAL.AI via your referral link will be displayed in your profile. The link can be used an unlimited amount of times. Invite as many people as you want👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

What are you waiting for? Start earning free credits now!