World Piano Day

On the 88th day of the year, the world annually celebrates Piano Day. Learn the history of the holiday, why it's important, and how to celebrate it.

World Piano Day

World Piano Day is annually held on the 88th day of the year in celebration of the 88 keys on the piano. In 2022, it takes place on March 29. The idea to devote a special day to the instrument came in 2015 from Nils Frahm, the German musician, composer and pianist. In his words, there are many reasons why the world needs a Piano Day – and not only the instrument itself but everything and everyone around it: piano builders, tuners, movers, composers, performers, and, of course, the listener.

A ground of like-minded people organizes and participates in Piano Day events every year. They take place all over the world, both live and online formats. The Piano Day project explains, “The aim of the day is to create a platform for piano-related projects in order to promote the development of musical dimensions and to continue sharing the centuries-old joy of playing the piano.

Piano celebration is for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, how young or old you are, where you are from – or even if you can play the piano at all – as long as you enjoy piano music and appreciate the instrument, you are the right person to celebrate this day!

How to Celebrate the Piano Day

There are tons of different activities that keep the Piano Day spirit alive every year. Here is what you can do:

  1. Listen to piano music. You most probably have a handful of favorite piano tunes – today is the day to blast them! If you don’t or want to extend your library, check out the Spotify piano playlist created by Nils Frahm or stream the playlist on SoundCloud. They are considered to be official Piano Day playlists and contain both classic and contemporary piano songs.
  2. Play the piano. If you can play the instrument, regardless of your skill level, do it with your heart. Practice your favorite pieces, play the tunes you love, or/and learn some new ones.
  3. Learn to play the piano. If you’re someone that always dreamed of playing the instrument, Piano Day is the perfect time to start. Find the beginner’s courses online, watch YouTube tutorials, download applications for learning musical instruments, and commit!
  4. Attend Piano Day events. They take place in many countries and cities, you can check the dates on the Piano Day project’s site – they are held not only today but all the way to the 10th of April. Come, support, enjoy and celebrate with other piano enthusiasts.
  5. Add piano to your own songs. If you’re a musician, it’s a good idea to incorporate piano into your music. Lack of piano playing skills shouldn’t stop you! There is a way to extract piano parts from songs and add them to your mixes – more on that below.

How to Extract Piano Parts From Any Song

With the help of LALAL.AI, the AI-powered stem splitter, you can isolate the piano sound in any song or even video file. If you want to remove the piano track to create your own piano cover of a song or extract the piano stem to use it in your mix or mashup, follow the steps below.

  1. Open LALAL.AI in your browser.
  2. Click the Vocal and Instrumental button. It will open the full Stem Separation Types list.
  3. Select Piano in the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Select File button to upload your file.
  5. Wait a few seconds while the service generates stem previews.
  6. Play the stem previews  - one containing the piano track, the other with the rest of the music.
  7. Sign up and click Process the Entire File if you like what you hear. If you don’t, upload another version of the track or try another file.
  8. Click the download icon (⤓) next to the stems to save them.

That’s it! The extracted stems will be saved in the same format and quality as the track you’ve uploaded. The download links will also be sent to the email you’ve signed up with.

Happy Piano Day!

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