5 Best AI Music Services in 2022

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence in music production. Facilitate your writing, mixing and mastering processes with state-of-the-art technologies.

5 Best AI Music Services in 2022

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world, finding its way into nearly every part of our lives. Various industries embrace the opportunities AI that provides, you can see its active use in education, medicine, beauty, and, of course, music.

As a listener, you must have already experienced the power of AI, how it never fails to pick the songs, albums, and artists you are sure to enjoy. Music discovery is now an infinite process, with tons of new options awaiting you every step of the way. Just a decade ago digging for new records and good bands was an exciting, yet long and exhausting process – today it’s fast, seamless and always available, truly a heaven for any music lover.

The capabilities of artificial intelligence extend far beyond music recommendation. AI helps record labels discover new talent and get many other A&R insights, makes music marketing easier with more precise targeting, and gives publishers and artists control over royalty payouts. What’s more, it benefits producers, studio engineers and musicians, making music creation and mastering more efficient and less time consuming.

Let’s take a look at AI-powered tools that successfully help musicians get out of writer’s block, stimulate new ideas, assist in music production and get more creative output.


SongStarter is an AI-powered tool made by music creation platform Bandlab in collaboration with Google. It’s designed to easily kickstart the songwriting process – all you need to do is roll the digital dice to start generating ideas. SongStarter presents melodies, beats, and chord professions from scratch and creates different variations of the same composition depending on the mood of user’s choice.

You can select from various arrangements, styles, keys and tempos that fit your needs best. What’s more, you can input lyrics and emojis to guide the SongStarter algorithm into the direction you want. All created music patterns are royalty free and can be used freely in your music.


Loudly AI music studio offers possibilities to rework your existing productions and compose new ones. The AI system Loudly is running on generative adversarial network that was trained on 8 million music tracks and 150 000 audio sounds crafted by professional producers – as a result the algorithm is capable of generating complex compositions in under 5 seconds.

Loudly is a great tool for any musician looking for inspiration and experimentation with various genres. Select your genre of interest, receive generated tracks and modify them as you see fit. Each time you change the preferences, the AI generates new unique results. Everything you’ve created in collaboration with Loudly’s AI can be exported in studio quality and different audio formats, making it easy to finalize them in your DAW and release into the world.


LALAL.AI is an online stem splitter powered by state-of-the-art source separation technology. Trained on 20TB of data, the AI quickly and precisely detects various parts of composition such as vocals, accompaniment, drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and synthesizer. Upload a song or video, select the stem you want to extract or remove, and in just few seconds LALAL.AI will present a high-quality track in the same format as your original file.

Extracted stems can be used for sampling and creating mixes, mashups, covers and many other creative goals. LALAL.AI developers regularly update the service, add new features and perfect the old ones, enhancing the output quality and giving more tools for musicians. In July 2022 LALAL.AI is going to be expanded to include noise cancelling functionality – relevant for musicians who want to remove mic rumble and plosives from their audio recordings.


LANDR is a cloud-based and automated mastering platform. Its artificial intelligence analyzes audio content of uploaded files, applies a number of standard mastering processes, and presents mastered files within minutes. It’s done significantly quicker and cheaper in comparison to mastering by a (human) professional engineer.  

Machine learning is replicating various techniques and decisions that mastering engineers make when listening to a mix. LANDR’s AI engine observes and reacts to uploaded music, detecting subtle inconsistencies and imperfections, and then applying adjustments based on the unique properties of the song at hand. This service is a great tool for musicians on a budget, as well as for DJs who make tracks on the go and need them polished in a short period of time for an upcoming event.


Cyanite is an AI-powered music analysis and tagging tool. The service is used by musicians, producers, labels and publishers for fast organization of their music catalogs. Instead of spending loads of time on manually tagging every song, you can pass on the duty to Cyanite’s AI. It will break down all tracks into their characteristics, detect sonic similarities, run analyses on each song’s genre, rhythm, chord progression, harmony and emotion in several minutes.

This service is also your helping hand when it comes to marketing your music on streaming platforms. If you want to get placed on Spotify playlists, you must correctly categorize and tag your music to even be considered – with Cyanite you can do it in no time. Playlist curators also use the service to sort out vast quantities of music content for quick and efficient creation and update of playlists featuring many different genres, styles, emotions, BPMs, and the like.

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