Best De-Reverb Plugins & Tools in 2024

Discover the top 5 de-reverb plugins revolutionizing audio production in 2024. Improve your audio projects and achieve professional results.

Best De-Reverb Plugins & Tools in 2024

In audio production, reverb can add depth and dimension to sound, create a sense of space, and enhance a track's mood and atmosphere. However, if your goal is to improve clarity, focus, and the overall sonic balance of the music, the presence of reverb can hinder the attainment of the desired outcome.

In case you need to remove reverb from your productions, look no further! Here is a list of the best de-reverb tools in 2024, from machine-learning-based algorithms to classic reverb removal plugins.

Reverb vs. De-Reverb

Reverb, short for reverberation, refers to the lingering presence of sound in a space after the initial sound source ceases. This phenomenon occurs as sound waves reflect off surfaces like walls, ceilings, and floors before reaching the listener's ears.

De-reverb, on the other hand, is the technique used to diminish or completely eradicate reverb from audio recordings. This essential tool in audio post-production empowers sound engineers and producers to refine recordings and make them sound more professional.

Top 5 De-Reverb Tools in 2024

Let's take a look at some of the best tools for dereverberation that suit professionals and aspiring musicians alike.

De-Echo by LALAL.AI

LALAL.AI's De-Echo feature is a recent addition to its suite of AI-powered audio processing tools, aimed at enhancing the quality of audio recordings by eliminating both echo and reverb effects. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to process audio signals, effectively removing reverb from recordings. By identifying and isolating the echo and reverberation components of the audio, De-Echo can then suppress these unwanted artifacts, resulting in a cleaner, more natural sound.

Since LALAL.AI is an online stem separation and audio processing platform that operates independently of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), its De-Echo feature is one of the most user-friendly ways to remove reverb and echo. Users can upload audio files directly to the LALAL.AI website for processing, without the need to integrate it into a DAW.

Clarity VX DeReverb PRO by Waves

Clarity VX DeReverb PRO, developed by Waves Audio, is a powerful AI-based plugin that specializes in removing reverb from dialogue and vocal recordings. It provides fast and smooth audio dereverberation with precision and control. This advanced tool offers six flexible processing bands to target problem frequencies, Tail Smoothing for better visual matching, and more, resulting in up to 200% reduction in reverb.

It works in real-time, is automatable, and doesn't require file bouncing or external clients for transfer. All in all, Clarity VX DeReverb PRO is an efficient tool for sound engineers and producers seeking pristine vocal recordings.

UNVEIL by zynaptiq

Zynaptiq's UNVEIL is an innovative tool that allows users to modify reverb characteristics, bring key features of a recording into focus, or move them to the background by adjusting perceptually less important signal components. Operating on a proprietary artificial intelligence called MAP (which stands for Mixed-signal Audio Processing), UNVEIL enables you to both increase and remove reverb, depending on your goal.

This plugin is compatible with any channel count, ranging from mono to various surround formats supported by your DAW, all while preserving the original signal dynamics. To achieve this, the plugin employs a model based on the human auditory system to identify the reverb components within the signal, essentially analyzing your audio akin to human perception. These identified components are then isolated from the main signal for processing through the MAP technology. Subsequently, reducing the reverb in your recording is simplified to adjusting the value of the track-ball-like sliders.

DeVerberate 3 by Acon Digital

Acon Digital DeVerberate 3 is an advanced plugin designed for reverb reduction in audio recordings. This tool features a new algorithm based on deep learning, allowing for fully automatic reverb reduction of recorded dialogue by training a neural network on high-quality voice recordings and various acoustical environments. It can distinguish dialogue from reverb without user interaction and adapt to changes in reverb characteristics automatically, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

DeVerberate 3 has a manual mode for music and other types of signals, which allows you to adjust the original reverberation’s level and decay times. What's more, it offers separate adjustments of the direct sound and the reverberation levels, early reflections filter, and frequency emphasis filter for the reduction level, among numerous other features.

DeRoom Pro² by Accentize

Accentize DeRoom Pro is a machine-learning-based reverb removal audio plugin tailored for professional use. It uses an artificial neural network trained on various room scenarios to effectively separate direct sound from reflection components, enhancing the clarity and focus of audio recordings. The real-time processing feature allows for instant feedback while adjusting parameters, ensuring easy integration into workflows without the need to switch applications.

The second generation of DeRoom Pro boasts an improved filtering algorithm that enhances accuracy in detecting room reflections, which is particularly beneficial for recordings in larger rooms with extended reverb tails. The plugin automatically estimates optimal room-size settings based on its training phase, where the neural network learned from diverse room conditions to apply the necessary filtering automatically. Users can choose between two visualization modes, Waveform view for broadband energy and Spectrogram view for observing frequency components, providing a comprehensive understanding of the plugin's impact on the audio signal.

Choosing the right de-reverb plugin or software can significantly improve the quality of your audio productions. Consider factors such factors as ease of use, quality of results, versatility, and compatibility with your DAW. The best tools balance these aspects, offering high-quality de-reverb processing without overly complicating the user interface.

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