How to Discover Top Spotify Playlists & Share Your Music with Them

Tips to find a perfect Spotify playlist and analyze it to make sure it's a good fit.

How to Discover Top Spotify Playlists & Share Your Music with Them
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After uploading your track to Spotify you must be thrilled to introduce your music to the world. But exploring Spotify playlists and submission platforms can sometimes feel overwhelming.

How do you distinguish between genuine and fake bot followers on a playlist? This guide will help you figure out if a Spotify playlist is authentic without using any third-party tools.

Types of Spotify Playlists

To understand how to approach each playlist, it's essential to identify the playlists on Spotify that are worth analyzing and the ones for submitting your music to.

There are three kinds of Spotify playlists: Editorial, algorithmic, and user-curated.

Editorial playlists

Editorial playlists are the most liked playlists on Spotify. They are made by Spotify and feature the best artists and their top songs.

Here are some great music lists on Spotify.

Today's Top Hits
Top 50 Global
  • Rap Caviar: 15.2 million followers
Rap Caviar
  • Vivo Latino: 13.5 million followers
  • Rock Classics: 11.9 million followers
  • Beast Mode: 10million followers
  • I Love My 90’s Hip-Hop: Β 7.6M followers

Many people like these playlists, and they have lots of followers. Spotify lets new artists send their music to these playlists, but so far, no artist has been chosen.

The best way to get your song on these playlists is to get lots of people listen to it quickly by getting placed in playlists made by Spotify users and playlists created by computer algorithms. Songs played on these playlists get a lot of listens every day and can make unknown songs really popular. These are the best way to find new music.

Some of the most popular songs on these playlists are: Snooze by Sza, Cruel Summer by Tailor Swift, Agora Hills by Doja Cat, and Dance The Night by Dua Lipa

If a service asks you to submit your music to a popular playlist, it's probably not real. Don't use that service.

Algorithmic playlists

An algorithmic playlist is made by Spotify's algorithmic program. It's created using advanced technology and data to figure out what kind of music a person likes based on what they've listened to before. Such playlists are made just for the listener.

Algorithmic playlists are better than ones made by people because they can change and give recommendations specific to each person.

I really enjoy how Spotify customizes a playlist called Discover Weekly with 30 songs it believes you'll enjoy based on your listening habits.

Here are two other examples:

  • Release Radar, another playlist on Spotify that gets updated weekly with songs from your favorite artists, Assists you in staying updated with the latest music.
  • Daily Mixes: A few collections of songs from different kinds of music, which are always being added to with music and singers that fit what you like to listen to.

User-curated playlists

Any person can make a playlist on Spotify, and these playlists are called user-generated. Some of these are Rap Nation, Rock Legends, Lofi Girl, Latin Hits, Viva Latino, Trap Nation, Guns n Roses, coffee chill, and more. Some of the most popular songs became popular by getting added to playlists and getting more plays.

Playlists made by users are the ones that need to be looked at. Why? The number of followers can be tampered with to make it look good to the artist, but it's actually not real.

How Do You Find the Best Spotify Playlists?

Let's start by checking out a user-curated Spotify playlist. We've taken one of the playlists on One Submit, a music promotion service.

Road Trip Indie Rock & Indie Pop

Best Spotify Playlists

πŸ’‘The type of music in the playlist doesn't matter in this analysis. The playlist has 20,000 followers, so it should help the artists on it get more streams.

  1. Pick a song that is not at the beginning or end of the playlist; somewhere in the middle is good.
  2. Ensure that the song was added 2 to 3 weeks ago.

The streams are not updated right away, so we should look for new placements within a few days.

3. After you pick a song, click on the artist's name under the song title.

For this example, we picked song number 19, "Who You Are" by Damien McFly.

Playlist Artists

4. When you go to an artist's page on Spotify, make sure the artist isn't very popular and doesn't have a lot of monthly listeners. This will allow you to find playlists that are easier to submit to.

5. Move down to the part called "Discovered On" and click on "Show all."

Discovered On

We noticed that our playlist "Roadtrip" is the second one on the list.

The playlist at the top of the list gets the most plays for this song, and the one at the bottom gets the least. This means our playlist is the second most popular place to listen to this song.

This is the best indication from Spotify that the playlist is real and has genuine listeners.

If you can't find the playlist when you look under the artist's "Discovered on," try looking under a different song. As we mentioned before, put the song on the playlist for at least two weeks and don't submit too many songs on the playlist.

If you can't find the playlist, it might mean no one is listening to it, which could be a fake playlist made by robots.

How to Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists

There are two ways to send your music to Spotify playlists. After you find the right playlists for your music, look for their contact information and send them an email.

This takes a lot of time, and usually, you won't get a response right away because curators get a lot of emails every day and don't have time to reply to every artist. We know because we've tried that ourselves as artist years ago.

The other way is to use a Spotify promotion service like One Submit, or something similar. Such tools help musicians share their music with Spotify playlists, music blogs, online radio stations, YouTube channels, TikTok influencers, and record labels. You can show your music to our curators, and they will give you feedback. If a curator likes your music, they will give it attention. You can choose any music genre for your submissions. If a curator doesn't respond, you will get your money back. But don't send a demo recording because it's a waste of money.

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