Introducing the LALAL.AI Desktop Application

The revolutionary stem-splitting web service is now available as an app for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Introducing the LALAL.AI Desktop Application

We are thrilled to announce the release of the LALAL.AI desktop application!

In addition to the standard web version, you can now use LALAL.AI on a computer – the application for Windows, macOS and Linux. It was highly requested by users and we are happy to oblige.

It's currently available only to premium users, but will soon be accessible to free users as well.

Click below to download the app for your OS.

▶️Windows 64-bit:

▶️Windows 32-bit:

▶️Mac OS X:

▶️Linux 64-bit:

Now let’s go over all the perks of the desktop app, see how it works and what features are going to be implemented in the future.

Why We Launched the App

It’s our mission to make the workflow of musicians, producers, DJs and other people working with music easier. We believe that the extraction of stems from audio and video should be not only accurate and quick but also convenient and effortless.

The launch of our app allows you to perform all stem-splitting tasks in one place on your desktop instead of a browser where many other tabs are usually opened. The more tabs, the harder it is to focus and navigate. Now you’ve got one less thing to search for!

Features of the App

The way LALAL.AI’s web version and desktop app function is pretty much the same, so you don’t have to worry about spending time learning how to operate the app.

The feature set is also nearly identical to the web version, with the main difference being that the splitting results are downloaded into the folder that the user has selected. This allows you to organize the library of processed files much more easily!

Let’s expand on the current features. Here is what you can do in the app:

🟡Upload files (up to 400MB per file)

🟡Upload audio and video files in the following formats:


🟡Batch-upload multiple audio/video files

🟡Create a preview – a short example of how your file is going to sound like when the selected stem is isolated/removed

🟡Download full stems in the same format and quality as the original file

🟡Check how many minutes worth of audio and video you can split next

All of that, with the same top-notch splitting quality you’re used to getting from the LALAL.AI web version!

How to Split Stems in the App

Here is a detailed instruction on how to use the LALAL.AI desktop application.

Step 1. Get the app

Download the app for your Windows, macOS, or Linux.

The full list of download links for all operating systems, including portable versions, is at the beginning of this article.

Step 2. Sign in

Run the app and enter your activation key into the designated field.

You can find the activation key in your profile on the site, as well as in the purchase email you received after getting one of the premium packages.

Step 3.  Select the stem

Сlick the Split Files button. Select one of the stem options from the drop-down list.

Step 4. (Optional) Create a preview

This step is only required in case you want to get a short example of how your file is going to sound after splitting. Skip this step if you want to split the entire file.

Click the Make Preview switch, then proceed to upload your file.

The preview will be downloaded to your computer as soon as it’s made.

You can listen to it from any audio player of your choice that you’ve got installed.

Step 5. Upload file(s)

Drag and drop one or multiple files onto the application window.

Alternatively, you can upload through the File menu.

The splitting starts immediately after the upload.

If you performed Step 4 and now want to split the file in full, don’t forget to disable the preview mode! Сlick the Make Preview switch again.

Step 6. Get the results

Once the splitting is completed, you will see a notification about it.

Click the folder icon next to the track name to locate the file on your computer.

Now you can play the stem, edit it, and basically do whatever you want with it!

You can select a folder where all results will be downloaded through the menu > Tools > Preferences > Output folder.

What’s Next

LALAL.AI never stops improving. We’ve been adding new features and other updates nearly every month since the project launched two years ago. The same energy is going to be applied to the desktop app.

We’re going to enhance the app with the following:

Large file upload. Due to technical limitations, the current allowed input size is 400MB per file. We are going to increase it to 2GB so that you can upload and split big audio and video files into stems.

Splitting history tracking. Now the app doesn’t store the files you split, and the list of them is erased as soon as you quit the app. In the future, everything you’ve worked on will be always displayed unless you decide to delete it.

Multiple stem types selection. For each file uploaded in batch, you will be able to set different stems. At the moment only one type of stem can be extracted from a batch of files.

In-app audio player. Previews and fully split stems will be played right in the app, without the need to use other tools.

We hope you enjoy using the new LALAL.AI app! 🙌

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