Meet Voice Cleaner, New Service by LALAL.AI

We expanded the possibilities of LALAL.AI with new noise-canceling functionality. Learn more about the benefits of Voice Cleaner here.

Meet Voice Cleaner, New Service by LALAL.AI

LALAL.AI goes beyond stem splitting🚀

In addition to extracting various components from audio and video files, LALAL.AI now has a separate noise reduction service – Voice Cleaner!

With its help, you can remove background music and noise to enhance voice in any audio and video recordings. The new service operates on an in-house developed technology. It produces results on the same high quality level as Phoenix, our record-breaking neural network for stem separation.

In the best traditions of LALAL.AI, the new service is super easy to access and use. Click the Voice Cleaner tab in the website header in your mobile or desktop browser, and voilĂ : you are ready to start!

We’ve kept the same intuitive design so that new visitors and current LALAL.AI users alike could effortlessly navigate Voice Cleaner. If you’d still like a step-by-step guide, it’s at the bottom of this article.

How Voice Cleaner Can Help You

There is a myriad of different purposes that LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner serves, it all depends on the user. Let’s cover the most common use cases.

Clean up call recordings. Whether we talk on the phone with friends, communicating with clients in a call center, or participate in remote meetings, background speech and other noises can easily leak through. Our service gets rid of all unwanted sounds, leaving only voice.

Make vocal recordings sound better. Mic rumble and vocal plosives are the main enemies of any podcaster and recording artists. Distinctive voice with little to no interference is a crucial part of the quality sound that listeners love. Voice Cleaner eliminates extraneous noises in a jiffy.

Remove background music. Many live streamers play music while broadcasting which may be perfectly okay in the moment, but as soon as stream recordings are uploaded to video platforms and social media, copyright infringement issues are likely to arise. With Vocal Cleaner you can prevent strikes and legal problems.

How to Clean Up Voice Recordings

  1. Open LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner in your browser.
  2. Upload your recording file. Either click Select Files or drag and drop the file onto the upload section.
  3. Wait a few seconds until the file is processed.
  4. Sign up and click the Process the Entire File button.
  5. Download the Voice track.

Your cleaned up recording will be available in the same format and quality as the original file. The download links to both Voice and Noise tracks will also be sent to your email.

We hope you enjoy using LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner🙏

Give it a try right now! Just click here to start.