LALAL.AI World Music Day Sale: Get 50% Off Pro Pack

Celebrate Music Day with LALAL.AI. Split 550 minutes worth of audio and video for only $35! Learn more about the deal here.

LALAL.AI World Music Day Sale: Get 50% Off Pro Pack

World Music Day, or Fête De La Musique, is a global celebration of the universal language of music. This annual event, which originated in France in 1982, takes place on June 21st – the summer solstice and the longest day of the year.

World Music Day encourages people to embrace the power of music by playing, listening, and experimenting with new instruments. This event is a vibrant celebration of all genres of music and the transformative effect it has on the human spirit.

In honor of this great holiday, LALAL.AI launches the World Music Day Sale on June 21, 2023.

Up until July 7, 2023, you can buy the LALAL.AI Pro pack with a 50% discount!

The Pro pack contains 550 minutes and now costs only $35 instead of $70🤑That’s more than 135 four-minute songs or 275 two-minute songs you can split into stems!

The pack also comes with access to all premium features:

🎵Audio and video files upload

🎵Batch upload of up to 20 files

🎵2GB per file upload

🎵Fast processing

🎵Stem download

Want to extract stems from a whole lot of music for a fraction of the price?

This is the perfect opportunity!

Click here to get the Pro pack with the 50% discount.

It won’t be available forever, so grab it now☝️

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