LALAL.AI Orion Supports Drums Isolation in Songs & Videos

Extract the percussion sounds from any audio or video file with unmatched precision using Orion, LALAL.AI's stem-splitting AI.

LALAL.AI Orion Supports Drums Isolation in Songs & Videos

Orion, the cutting-edge audio processing solution from LALAL.AI, has undergone a significant transformation, expanding its capabilities to include the extraction of not only vocals and instrumentals but also the highly sought-after drums stem from audio and video files.

This remarkable new feature further solidifies Orion's position as a comprehensive solution for stem splitting, catering to the diverse needs of audio enthusiasts, professionals, and creators.

Enhanced Speed and Quality

One of the most notable improvements introduced by Orion is its remarkable speed, now twice as fast as its predecessor Phoenix. This enhancement translates to a more efficient workflow, allowing users to achieve their desired results in a fraction of the time without compromising on quality. Furthermore, Orion delivers results that are 70% cleaner, ensuring a superior listening experience with minimal artifacts and distortions.

Direct Synthesis Method: Redefining Stem Splitting

Orion's innovative approach to stem splitting is exemplified by its use of the direct synthesis method, a technique that goes beyond traditional separation processes. Unlike conventional methods that simply remove or isolate sound elements, the direct synthesis method actively enhances the stems during the splitting process. This means that Orion removes unwanted sounds and rectifies mixing errors by adding missing elements, resulting in a more refined and balanced audio output.

Drums Isolation: A New Frontier

With the addition of drums stem extraction, Orion has expanded its utility to cover a broader spectrum of audio processing needs. The direct synthesis method employed by Orion ensures that the percussion elements are seamlessly separated, maintaining their integrity and musicality. This enables users to isolate and manipulate the drums stem with unparalleled precision, opening up new creative possibilities for music production and audio editing.

Unmatched Performance and Accuracy

Orion's performance is unparalleled, as demonstrated by its ability to consistently deliver superior results in stem extraction. The neural network's precision in isolating vocals, instrumentals, and now drums reflects its advanced algorithms and robust processing capabilities. Moreover, Orion's accuracy in preserving tonal characteristics and reducing noise sets a new standard for audio source separation, surpassing existing solutions in the market.

Extract drums with LALAL.AI Orion now on the LALAL.AI site or use one of the apps for desktop, iOS and Android. Simply select the Drums stem and upload your audio or video file – the service will do the rest!

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