National Karaoke Week

The fourth week of April is National Karaoke Week, celebrated by special contests and events across the United States and abroad.

National Karaoke Week

Karaoke may seem like a fad of recent years but it’s actually been around since 1971. Taking its roots in small nightclubs in Japan, karaoke has grown extremely popular in many other countries. So much so that the global karaoke market is currently worth billions of dollars, and annual events like Karaoke World Championships and National Karaoke Week are a thing.

The origins of Karaoke Week are hard to trace, all we know is that in the USA and some other countries it’s become a tradition to devote the fourth week of April to karaoke. In 2022, National Karaoke Week is celebrated from April 17th to 23rd.

Karaoke is not everyone’s cup of tea – some may look down on it as a strange activity of amateurs singing along to the backing tracks of popular songs – but it’s definitely here to stay. If you consider yourself a karaoke enthusiast or at least enjoy letting out your inner pop/rock star out every once in a while, we encourage you to celebrate National Karaoke Week!

How to Celebrate Karaoke Week

  • Attend karaoke events. Naturally, the best and the most obvious way to celebrate Karaoke Week is to go to karaoke places, nights or maybe even international championships. However, the last couple of years there were little to no events due to COVID-19, and in 2022 it may be also the case. The restrictions are not as severe as they were at the height of the pandemic but the event options may still be scarce depending on the area. Go to themed parties and places if they are available in your region, but if they aren’t – fret not! Follow the our next suggestion.
  • Throw a home karaoke party. It’s a perfect solution for those who don’t have any (good) karaoke-themed places and events around AND for those who can only freely sing out in the company of their close friends. In this day and age, you don’t even need to have a karaoke machine at home – a computer or laptop with Internet access is the only requirement. If you want to know how to make karaoke tracks online all by yourself, keep reading until the next section of this article.
  • Improve your singing skills. There is no proper vocal training you can get in under a week, but karaoke also doesn’t requires you to be an actual singer – just a few simple tricks will make you sound better. Good breathing techniques, song selection that compliments your voice and style, and some other tips can make a difference. While it never hurts to be better at singing, it’s not the point of karaoke. The most important thing is to sell your performance, sing from the heart and have fun!

How to Create Karaoke Tracks

The easiest and quickest way to make karaoke tracks is to remove vocals from songs online. By creating your own karaoke tracks, you have the freedom to sing to the songs you actually love instead of only what the local karaoke bar offers.

With the help of LALAL.AI’s powerful vocal separation technology, you can extract instrumental tracks from any songs with utmost precision in no time.

Disclaimer: For the sake of preventing legal issues, we recommend only uploading copyright-free songs and using the extracted instrumentals exclusively for noncommercial purposes.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Open LALAL.AI in your browser.

2) Click the Select File button to upload your track.

3) Wait a few seconds until the file processing is finished.

4) Listen to the preview of the Instrumental stem.

5) Sign up and click Process the Entire File if you like what you hear.

If you don’t, upload another version of the track or try another file.

6) Click the download icon (⤓) next to the Instrumental stem to save it to your device.

That’s it! Your next step is to upload the instrumental stem into a lyric video maker such as, Superstring, and the like (not affiliated with LALAL.AI).

Enjoy National Karaoke Week!

Sing your ❤️ out!

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