How to Make a Karaoke Track

Karaoke is one of the most popular activities for a simple reason - it’s fun! It doesn’t require any actual singing skills to participate, you can be off-key the entire song and have people cheering you on. Karaoke bars provide everything you need to sing your lungs out and have a great time. The only downside is that usually, their catalogs feature old well-known songs, so if you’re after some of the more recent hits or obscure songs, it’s highly likely that you’re out of luck.

However, you can always make a house karaoke party with homemade karaoke tracks. You won’t need to spend time finding instrumentals on the internet or struggling with advanced software to remove vocals from songs. With LALAL.AI, an online AI-powered karaoke maker, you can quickly and effortlessly turn your favorite songs into karaoke tracks. Follow the steps below to start creating your own karaoke tracks at home!

Disclaimer: For the sake of preventing legal issues, we recommend only uploading copyright-free songs and using the extracted stems exclusively for noncommercial purposes.

  1. Öffnen Sie LALAL.AI in Ihrem Browser.
  2. Click the Select File button.
  3. In the opened folder window, double click a file to upload it.
  4. Warten Sie ein paar Sekunden, bis die Verarbeitung abgeschlossen ist.
  5. Listen to the Instrumental preview.
  6. Tip: In case you want to adjust the audio processing intensity, return to the previous page. Select either Mild or Aggressive level of processing under the Select File button and proceed to upload the file again.

  7. Sign up and click the Process the Entire File button.
  8. Download the full instrumental stem, it will be available in the format and quality as your original file. The download links will also be sent to your email.
  9. Upload the extracted instrumental stem into a lyric video maker such as Superstring,, and the like. Have fun singing along to the song with your friends!

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