Perfected Piano & Synth Stem Splitting with Phoenix

LALAL.AI Phoenix supports two new stems – piano and syntesizer, thus now being able to extract 8 different stems in total.

Perfected Piano & Synth Stem Splitting with Phoenix

Over the course of 2022 we’ve been training Phoenix, our next-generation neural network, to split songs and videos into different types of stems. At the time when we initially implemented Phoenix, it was only able to extract vocal and instrumental stems while the isolation of music instruments was handled by Cassiopeia, LALAL.AI’s older network.

Phoenix is a superior source separation solution to our previous networks as well as to all AI-based splitting technologies on the market. Naturally, we wanted Phoenix to provide the same high-quality extraction of not only vocals and instrumentals but also of a variety of other stems.

We started working towards this goal right after the release of Phoenix in February of 2022. In April the network became capable of drums stem extraction, in June Phoenix started to support bass stem splitting, and in August it began offering isolation of acoustic and electric guitars.

Now, halfway through October of 2022, we are happy to announce that Phoenix supports the extraction of two new stems – piano and synthesizer!

The piano and synthesizer options in the stem types list. The circled 'P' indicates that the stem is extracted by the Phoenix neural network.

What’s Changed

Back in November of 2021, LALAL.AI became the world’s first 8-stem splitter, with Phoenix supporting two of the stems – vocal and instrumental. A little less than a year later, Phoenix can split all eight stems: vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and with the latest update, piano and synthesizer.

Since the Phoenix network handles source separation with a lot more precision and care, its splitting results are significantly better than the ones provided the previous-generation network.

Here is what makes Phoenix’s piano and synth splitting stand out:

🟡Faster splitting. The time it takes to process and extract a piano or synthesizer stem is two times shorter than before.

🟡Better accuracy. The algorithm determines all instruments that make up the composition and takes into account a wide variety of characteristics specific to piano and synthesizer.

🟡Cleaner sound. Though the presence of some noise and sonic artifacts is normal, Phoenix minimizes them as much as possible and provides the stem in nearly studio-quality.

Learn how to extract piano or synthesizer from any song or video here.

What's Next

In terms of stems, we are going to continue adding more musical instruments and expand the capabilities of Phoenix. In fact, we are working on a couple of new stems at this very moment! Expect wind instruments added to the list of supported stems in the coming months of this year.

Another thing we are currently cooking is a desktop version of LALAL.AI. In the very near future you will be able to download LALAL.AI as an application and use it on your Windows, macOS or Linux.

There is also a handful of other stuff on our roadmap, so follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit and YouTube to stay up-to-date on all of our new releases!